The aim of my counseling sessions is to guide others on their path to personal fulfillment and inner freedom through the achievement of mental stability and spiritual maturity, which will also improve their interpersonal relationships. I place great emphasis on empathy, personal and collective responsibility, as well as a passionate commitment towards inner freedom. I believe that despite our sufferings and struggles we can all experience freedom and fulfillment both on a personal level and in our relationships.    


Due to the pain and loss I have experienced in my personal life I know what it feels like to reach the end of our strength and not be able to go on alone. My desire is to help others find the way forward to a well-balanced, fulfilled and joyful life. At times this requires had work and commitment, but I believe that people can change - as I have witnessed it on a daily basis during my work. That is what makes our efforts worthwhile.


It takes a lot of courage to accept someone’s helping hand and trust them. However, when we are stuck in life, the only solution is to make changes. I would like to offer support to men who want to take responsibility for themselves and their future, and thus are willing to reason together, discuss issues openly and act.   

“The greatest challenge is endeavoring to do something completely differently come tomorrow” - that is my motto. 


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